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Adding Brands FAQ

Every brand in the database needed to meet a set of minimum requirements. Before recommending a brand, please look over these.

Core Requirements

There must be a single canonical source of information about their items. Generally speaking this means an official website.

Perhaps most importantly this source of official information should have details and hard numbers about their products. Without precise information my database can't be any good.

Since we value that precision they should make a consistent product that does not deviate too far from their specifications.

A brand should be unique. I adore companies that innovate and push the boundaries. I despise copycats. Flagrant ripoffs are not cool.

Similarly the honesty and integrity of the company matters. If they buy positive reviews then they don't make the cut.

For a product be included at all it should be a regular production run item and easy to buy. No limited editions, no customs.

Similarly the product should be available from multiple retailers. No exclusive versions, no house brands.

To expand further on the idea of "regular" items, there should be standard models. A mix-and-match buffet of options with thousands of possible models is just not logistically practical for me.

Their prices should be reasonable for what you get. This one is hard to pin down but "I know it when I see it." I may be open to suggestion if a high-end brand actually is worth the money.

Of course there is flexibility in these. Some designs are licensed, not copied. Sometimes "limited" editions are commonly available for years. Maybe they make one or two outrageously expensive items. If a company goes above and beyond in one area it can make up for other deficiencies. Or an unoffical community-produced website/spreadsheet could be used as a primary source instead of a manufacturer's site.

Flashlight Brands That Can't Be Added

Please remember that just because the brand isn't appropriate for my site it does not mean that I personally don't like them. Aliexpress is full of many young brands making fresh designs but they usually don't provide enough information. Peak's lights are unique and wonderfully built. Even Ultrafire has helped me through some dark times.

  • Too expensive: Light Monkey, Lens Light
  • Buffet style: Elzetta
  • Limited production: Oveready
  • Lacking website or numbers: Ultrafire, Eagle Eye, Thorfire, Peak
  • Inconsistent product: Ultrafire, Fireflies/Fireflylite
  • Copycats: Nitenuman, Utorch

All good? Then shoot on over to and post a request.