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Your search for gear begins here Parametrek

Welcome to Parametrek, the most user-friendly parametric search engine.

What is parametric search?

Parametric search is looking for something by listing required specifications. You start with an expansive catalog and provide parameters that you are looking for (or are avoiding). As more stringent requirements are added, the giant catalog is whittled down. Eventually you are left with a single item that is exactly what you want.

The experience can be extremely liberating. With everything on a single page, comparisons are easy. The product details are not hidden behind a tab. There are no inane reviews to filter. There is no irrelevant information on the screen, period.

Of the various product groups, the best supported is the LED Flashlight Search.

It is a very different way of searching. Here is a brief video showing off a few of the core features.

I'll be trying to grow Parametrek's databases as fast as possible. For that to happen, please vote for where we should go next.

If you want to add a Parametrek search to your own website then check out the sources on Github. Contact me at if you'd like assistance.

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